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We are constantly evolving. Communication activities are an important asset, providing information and extending the consensus. This produces visibility and allows the process of evolution to be told.  It’s neither a simple nor a short process. Competences, relations and methods are utilized to analyze and offer targeted actions aligned to new evolutions.

Thanks to our experience with companies, employer and representative organisations, institutions and professional people, Imprese di Talento is a privileged stakeholder for the business and associative world. We have qualified strategy communication in the company transformation to the industry of CIM 4.0.


Cim 4.0

Imprese di Talento manages and coordinates the corporate and institutional communication of Competence Industry Manufacturing 4.0, composed of Politecnico and Università di Torino and 23 private companies. This organisation represents the strategic and operational support dedicated to manufacturing companies oriented towards the digitalisation of industrial processes with a view to Industry 4.0 (from project to production, from R&D to supply chain, from security to blockchain). CIM 4.0 activities involve technology transfer, diffusion of knowledge of highly technological processes and industry culture. Specifically, additive manufacturing and digital factory technologies make the Competence the only reference at national level.  Imprese di Talento supports CIM 4.0 to make the most of its specificity and to strengthen leadership in terms of knowledge and testing 4.0 with companies (large companies, SMEs and Start ups). 


Fiera Internazionale A&T – Automation&Testing

Imprese di Talento supports the corporate and institutional communication of one of the most important innovation and technology fairs for manufacturing companies. With Imprese di Talento, A&T has a new stakeholder’s perception and has redesigned the core business. From an image of an industry event, now A&T has a new position as an international event about innovation and technologies linked to Industry 4.0.

Fapav, Federazione per la tutela dei contenuti audiovisivi e multimediali

Imprese di Talento supports Fapav in corporate and institutional communication. We promoted activities and a campaign about legal audiovisual and entertainment content with press office activities, media and institutional relations.


Cimo Piemonte

Imprese di Talento supports Piemonte medical union in institutional communication  with press office activities, media and decision- makers relations

Residence del Frate R.S.A.

Imprese di Talento supports Residence del Frate, a residential care homes situated in Piedmont, in institutional communication  with press office activities, media and decision- makers relations

Negrolex Law Firm

Imprese di Talento supports Negrolex Law Firm, based in Milan, in institutional and corporate communication  with press office activities, media, digital PR and decision- makers relations


Imprese di Talento supports IIDEA, Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association, in institutional communication. 




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