La persona giusta al posto giusto

“Defining our uniqueness is the first step, the key to success is the being able to communicate it”.

La persona giusta al posto giusto” is the new book written by Daniele Salvaggio in collaboration with Randstad, a leading company in research, selection, training of human resources and job administration and with the involvement of CEOs, human resources managers, corporate and university experts who tell through Italian and international experiences how to create, communicate and enhance the personal and professional uniqueness of individuals. The goal is always only one: to make a difference. Personal Branding is a valid ally.

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VALI.CO – Communication and language’s culture is a research team created with the purpose of  promote moments of listening, observation, dialogue and analysis on the communication and language’s culture., through public events and discussions, acts as a collector of ideas, thoughts, proposals and actions with the aim to make language a central part in every form of communication. is aimed at companies, organizations, institutions and universities.

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