Communication activities are a strategic investment asset for all private and public players. Without a solid reputational base supported by a high level of relationships and collaboration with relevant stakeholders and opinion leaders, it is very difficult to emerge, innovate and compete. Our job is precisely to facilitate, support and accompany organizations in the difficult process of industrial transformation and thoughtful market leadership.


Advanced manufacturing

Our expertise in the field of digital and green transition allows us to be a reliable and well-recognized consultancy partner on the market. We operate with business associations, competence centers and innovation hubs active in healthcare, training, eyewear, mechatronics, mobility, technical sports clothing, additive manufacturing.

We develop and manage corporate and institutional communication plans for important academic institutions, research centres, public bodies, promoting the culture of sustainable transition. We also support prominent personalities from the academic, political and industrial world, in order to favor their positioning and inform their constituencies’ support.

Public Administration,
University and Research


We develop and manage communication plans and activities to prepare and manage M&A operations and ESG development processes, promoting an entrepreneurial culture centered on sustainable finance and financial literacy

We develop and manage communication plans and activities in the public and private healthcare sector. In particular, we facilitate the connection between users and the healthcare service through corporate projects, favoring an innovative (telemedicine, healthcare 5.0) and sustainable (energy and green transition) development approach.


Big events

We develop and manage communication plans and activities for trade fairs, sport events and business meetings. Our specificity in the context of large events is that of being able to connect business development objectives with community and civil society’s engagement.

We develop and manage institutional communication plans and activities for Foundations and non-profit organizations. We promote social consensus in their interventions areas,  designing and executing awareness-raising and educational campaigns to promote change for good.

terzo settore

Third sector


We develop and manage communication plans and activities towards companies and representative organizations that operate in the field of information and communication technologies, with particular attention to the topics of digital transformation, IoT, Data Science, AI, and sustainable finance.

We develop and manage communication plans and activities alongside relevant organizations and personalities in national and international sport and entertainment events. Our mission is also to promote education and social awareness courses and campaigns, involving institutions, schools and local communities.

Sports and Entertainment



Our main customers

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